Social Life Gone Missing

But you are very sociable!” claimed an acquaintances when I told her I barely go out and socialize these days.

Soc…what? Insert raised eyebrows here then add some laughter.

Err…just because I am somewhat active within the social media world does that really makes me sociable? Hmm…maybe I am somewhat geeky or just secretly being an anti-social?

Ever since I started working full time I don’t have much of social life. Sad? Maybe…depends on how you look at it. Especially because I work Monday – Saturday with the third Saturday of the month off. 90% of the times I DID stepped outside my daily routes – read: home – work – home, were because my girlfriends just simply dragged me and half forced me to do so. Hah!

Not, that I don’t enjoy hanging out with my friends, laughing, having coffee or dinner or even went out dancing.

Sometimes I feel bad for turning down the invitations from them but as a single mom who still living from paycheck to paycheck, I just simply can’t afford the fancy drinks or more than a glass of margarita. A night out in town is fun but that’s a treat now and I have to get my priorities in order. Roughly, for my cabs and drinks you’re seeing over $80 for painting the town red. That’s a quite hefty for me. Doesn’t sounds much for some but for this single mama…that’s!

I love my girls (yes, you ladies!) and they often paid for my drinks but I can’t let them do that all the time. Really, I don’t want to take advantage of their kind generous hearts and have them thinks “Dude, she’s like a parasite! We’re buying her drinks all the time”… Girls, I know, I know you are not that shallow but seriously, this is a delicate issue and I love you guys too much! And that’s when I turned them down. So far I’m glad they know the real reasons behind why my dancing shoes has been tucked collecting dust on the shelf. They know the financial struggle I’ve been facing lately.

It’s been awhile since the last time I went out on a Girls Night Out. Sure, dancing, a little booze, great time with my girls is so much fun but sadly, can’t do too much of them lately.

There are days where I rushed home to help Lil’ A with his homework and just enough so I can cuddle him before he goes to bed. There are days where I have to stay at work till late and came home exhausted just to find out my boy had fallen asleep. Juggling never been so hard.

Maybe one day, my social life will get better but for now I’m too focused on working and making ends meet and being a single mom. Until then I’m so thankful for the abundant instant messenger applications – keeping in touch are a breeze these days.

How much do you socialize outside of work and being a mom/dad?

Author: Maureen

Maureen is a Community Builder and Leader. Founder of founder of Single Moms Indonesia Writing, photography, traveling and all creative things are some of her favorite things to do. On a quest of finding joy in everyday life and living life to the fullest with kindness, compassion, grace and a bit of sass.

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