Hi! I’m Maureen

I am the Founder and Community Leader of  Single Moms Indonesia.

Single Moms Indonesia was born out of the need to have a safe space for Indonesian single mothers. In addition to supporting members, the group also encourages them to become their best selves through talks, training, and educational seminars. Facebook Group and Facebook Family of Apps allows us to bridge the distances that separate our over 2,500 members. Our members feel united and no longer alone living their lives as single mothers because now they have a community, a sisterhood through the online platforms.

In 2018 I was recognized by Facebook as “One of the 115 most inspiring community leaders in the world”.

I was then selected to join The Facebook Community Leadership Program, a year-long program where I received knowledge, skills, tools, funding, and support to activate our community in new and innovative ways to promote positive and lasting impact.

Women empowerment including Single Moms empowerment, personal development has been something I am super passionate about. I’ve also been a Keynote Speaker for Facebook and other charities/events around Single Mom topics & Community Leadership.

Let’s work together to build each other!

Ready to take work with me?